Nordicity | 2013 | porcelain, various glazes, in-glaze silkscreen decals
Nordicity 1_Marianne Chenard Ceramiste
Nordicity series | engel, glacial, froidure | 2013 – 2016 | porcelain, various glazes, in-glaze silkscreen decals, ink
Nordicity Engel 4_Marianne Chenard Ceramiste
Nordicity series | 2014 – in process | porcelain, various glazes, in-glaze silkscreen decals, pigments, ink, ice
Nordicity 2014-1_Marianne Chenard Ceramiste

I have always had a deep attachment to nature and landscape. I became interested in the territory and the nordicity, notably thanks to the writings and lectures of Louis-Edmond Hamelin, writer, linguist, geographer and professor at Université Laval, which were a real trigger. I feel challenged by this symbolic, geographical and affective space where borders disappear, erased by snow, ice and the infinity of places. I also wonder about how we experience winter, which differs according to our latitude. The interpretation I make of this northern territory is therefore entirely personal. It is expressed in an abstract and poetic language that evokes the moving ice floes. The purity and transparency of the paper porcelain I use recall the immaculate white of the landscapes and its fragility evokes at the same time our own vulnerability to the elements.