Landscape studies | 2018 – 2019 

porcelain, various glazes, pigments, ink, ice.

Nordicity series | 2013-2018

porcelain, various glazes, in-glaze silkscreen decals, lino carving on clay, glass, pigments, ink, ice.
Nordicity 2014-4_Marianne Chenard Ceramiste

I have always had a deep attachment to nature and landscape. I became interested in the territory and the Nordicity, notably thanks to the writings and lectures of Louis-Edmond Hamelin, writer, linguist, geographer, and professor at Université Laval, which were a real trigger. I feel challenged by this symbolic, geographical and affective space where borders disappear, erased by snow, ice, and the infinity of places. I also wonder about how we experience winter, which differs according to our latitude. The interpretation I make of this northern territory is therefore entirely personal. It is expressed in an abstract and poetic language that evokes the moving ice floes. The purity and transparency of the paper porcelain I use recalls the immaculate white of the landscapes and its fragility evokes at the same time our own vulnerability to the elements.

Remade/ Refabriqué au Canada series | 2010 – 2017

“Je me souviens : NATION TO NATION” series remade/refabriqué au canada | 2017 | ready-made, porcelain,various glazes, in-glaze silkscreen decals, mirror

Remade_refabrique_15_Je me souviens_Marianne Chenard Ceramiste

Remade/refabriqué au canada | 2009 – 2014 | ready-made, various glazes, in-glaze silkscreen decals

Remade_refabrique_2_Marianne Chenard Ceramiste

“Silvers roses” series remade/refabriqué au canada | 2013 | ready-made, porcelain, various glazes, in-glaze silkscreen decals, bone ash, bison tail hair

Remade_refabrique_12_silverrose03_Marianne Chenard Ceramiste



My Interest for the history of Ceramics and its industrialization gave life to my Remade/Refabriqué au Canada series. I use antique porcelain tableware imported from England that was long perceived as a luxury and a sign of sophistication. I integrate a typically Canadian imagery to the original motifs found on the pottery whilst adding a personal touch to them. A little in the way of the graffiti artists who appropriate the public space, I also play with contrasts by appropriating images already known to me and then divert them from their original sense. This interpretation work gives way to singular pieces that clearly situate themselves as contemporary through their aesthetical qualities. I play with the appropriation of known images and their re-contextualization as a way to divert from their original sense and to surprise and challenge the viewer.

Various projects

Conversation piece | 2013 | porcelain, various glazes, in-glaze silkscreen decals.

Memoire_Conversation piece_1_Marianne Chenard Ceramiste

Portraits | 2012 – 2013 | porcelain, various glazes, in-glazes silkscreen decals.

Memoire_Portraits_4_Marianne Chenard Ceramiste
Nordicity 1_Marianne Chenard Ceramiste
Memoire_iletaitunefois_1_Marianne Chenard Ceramiste